With the alarming frequency of mass shootings and so-called “gun violence” we Americans face each day, there is an equal chorus of calls for our politicians (a.k.a. “civil servants”) to “do something.” Yet many Americans don’t know what, exactly, that “something” might be! They’ll cry out for “common sense legislation,” yet again, fall short on the details. Ditto “gun control.” Ignorant of the tens of thousands of federal and state laws governing guns, “Joe Average” is told by the media how our gun laws are “weak,” “lax” and laden with “loopholes.” And they’re believed!

Truth be told, most loopholes are…

Stu Chisholm

DJ, columnist for Mobile Beat Magazine, author, Licensed Massage Therapist, faculty of Irene’s Myomassology Inst., Certified Firearms Instructor/RSO.

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